About W.F.B

Wicked Fire is a Santana Tribute Band From Myrtle Beach, SC

Originally based out of Boston Ma, Wicked Fire is a 3rd Gen. Santana Tribute with 3 original founding members. The band has headlined Fall River Celebrates America & 

Madeira Feast - New Bedford Ma. for crowds of 20,000+

This 8 piece power group of talented musicians who have come together to pay homage to one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Carlos Santana. The band members hail from all over the USA, bringing their unique styles and experiences to create a sound that is both authentic and original. Wicked Fire also throws in some other classic hits from the 60’s to the present. Together, the band members create a musical experience that is both electrifying and soulful. Their performances are a tribute to the music of Carlos Santana, but they also bring their own unique style and energy to the music, making it their own.